Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nobody But Me Finds This Funny

I gotta say, I'm really excited to hear about the upcoming 'Trinity' weekly series from DC. After a decades-long legendary stint as penciller of 'Amazing' and 'Ultimate Spider-Man', I'm really interested to see Mark Bagley's take on DC icons Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, especially with Kurt Busiek writing it all. But I suspect there's been a bit of an adjustment for Bagley as he moved from Marvel to DC; in fact, I can just picture the day that he turned in his first art for the series...

Editor: Hey, Mark, glad I could get in touch with you. I was looking over your art for 'Trinity' #1, and, um...there are some unusual touches I wanted to discuss with you.

Bagley: Like what?

Editor: Well, it's Batman, for starters. When you drew him, um...

Bagley: Yeah?

Editor: You made the eyepieces kind of big. Kind of really big.

Bagley: It's a stylistic thing. Todd McFarlane draws big capes, I draw big eyepieces. It's not going to be a big deal.

Editor: Um, OK...but what about this new "grappling gun" design? I don't recall Batman ever having a wrist-mounted grappling gun before.

Bagley: Batman's a tech-head, he's always coming up with new crime-fighting gadgets. With this baby, he won't even need the Batmobile! He'll just swing from building to building as he patrols Gotham!

Editor: Setting that aside for now...your Wonder Woman looks nice. She really does. But, um, you are aware she's not a red-head, right?

Bagley: She dyed it. Off-panel. Women change their look all the time, trust me. You have to admit, she looks better as a red-head, right?

Editor: Well, yes, but...we do have very specific looks for our characters we try to stick to here at DC. Like your Superman, for example.

Bagley: I kept to the colors there!

Editor: Yes, you kept to the red and blue...but what are all these black lines all over his costume?

Bagley: ...maybe it'll take me a little bit to adjust.

Editor: Perhaps. Although I like your "new look" Luthor. The crewcut and Hitler moustache really make him look more sinister...

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