Monday, February 05, 2018

Storytelling Engines Announcement Continued

A little good news and bad news for folks who still check this blog out--the bad news is, I was asked by my publisher to take down the Storytelling Engines posts that will be collected in book form this year, so those are no longer accessible through this site. (I've also sent a request to have them taken down from

The good news is, those Storytelling Engines posts will be collected in book form this year! They've been extensively revised and expanded, with my errors (hopefully) corrected and some additional analysis based on events that transpired in the last ten years since they were originally written. Plus there are some new, exclusive bonus pieces for the book that cover things like the O'Neil/Adams Green Arrow and Batman runs, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Rip Hunter of "Legends of Tomorrow" fame. (Although this talks more about his comic book incarnations.) It should hopefully be out within the next couple of months, touch wood, and I'm sure I'll have more information as we get closer to the publication date!


Glenn Turner said...

Congratulations! I'm really looking forward the book.

Eric Qel-Droma said...

I'm already sold on that book! Please do make sure to announce it here!

Jim S said...

Will it be a real book, or an e-book. I hate the idea of Big Literature tracking my reading tastes, so I only buy actual paper books from brick and mortar book stores (harder to do every year) with cash.

But sounds good.

Arnold T. Blumberg said...

It will ONLY be a "real book." :)

We're asked from time to time about whether we'd release e-book editions of our ATB titles, but our passion is for the tangible reading experience. We're committed to print.

The book will, however, only be available for now through our website and ordering directly. We hope to get our titles into bookstores as well, but that won't be happening immediately.

Davy said...

How exciting for you! I loved these posts and would love to read them again, however I'm committed to digital at this point. Between tons of old comics and old books, there's just no more room in my tiny living space to store print media. Now I only buy new comics & other books digitally, and I have been slowly replacing old, loved books with digital versions that I can read anywhere. So please do keep us posted if this becomes available digitally.

Clipping Path said...

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