Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Storytelling Engines Available for Preorder!

Hi all! I just wanted to mention that the Storytelling Engines book is available for pre-order here, and will be released on May 16th! The book has several entries that were never available in the initial blog, including discussions of Shadowhawk and Amethyst, follow-up entries on Batman and Green Lantern's O'Neill/Adams era runs, and a discussion of the reasons we didn't get a Marvel Cinematic Universe until 2008. It's got an afterward by Irene Vartanoff, who was working at Marvel during the era where a lot of these comics were created, and frankly it's got a really damn snazzy cover if you don't mind me gushing about it. I'm really excited about it!


Martin said...

Is it going to be on Kindle?

Arnold T. Blumberg said...

We're asked from time to time about whether we'd release e-book editions of our ATB titles, but our passion is for the tangible reading experience. We're committed to print.

Martin said...


well that's disappointing and quite bizarre. I can understand why some people are really committed to physical books, but despite having literally 1,000s of books sitting on shelves in my home, I've never felt that there was any conflict between liking to read a physical book and liking to read an ebook. To me, the tangible part has turned out to not be that important, and it's the story inside the book that I love, not the container. I drink coffee out of cups and I drink coffee out of glasses and there is a minor difference, but the important thing is what's inside the cup or glass. Your mileage obviously varies.

So to me it's bizarre for a publisher to take this stance given that the incremental production costs for creating the ebook and publishing it on Kindle et al are relatively small and you are probably ending up reducing your sales significantly. I've been reading John's blog for years and I would've liked to have supported his work by buying the book as a thank you for many enjoyable blog posts, but seeing as I don't buy physical books any more and you don't publish ebooks, that's not going to happen.

Well, it's your business, so you know what's best for you, but I think you should reconsider your position, just because you publish an ebook version, doesn't in any way take away from the physical book, one doesn't detract from the other.

Best of luck with the sales of the book, hope it's a best-seller!

Arnold T. Blumberg said...

We have done exhaustive research into ebooks in the hopes of finding a way of making it work. At present, you might be surprised how nearly impossible it is to even break even on such a thing as a small press, to say nothing of making anything at all on them. We'll always try to keep an open mind, but at present there's a real renaissance in print publication that we're more than happy to be a part of.

Thanks for the good wishes, we think people will be thrilled with John's work when they read it!