Thursday, November 08, 2007

Odd Businesses Update!

I saw again tonight a check for a Mexican restaurant here in Minnesota called 'The Taco King'.

Now 'Taco King', by itself, isn't bad. Conveys a sort of fast food, Taco Bell meets Burger King vibe. But every time I see 'The Taco King' on a check, I picture all these animals kneeling down, watching this aged baboon head up the mountainside. He arrives at the pinnacle, and holds up...a taco! "Behold...your king." (And then he takes a big bite.)

It's just not the image I think they wanted to provide when they named their business. " is time for you to return to the pridelands and take your place in the Combo of Life."

Or it could just be me.


Austin Gorton said...

I too live in Minnesota (Apple Valley)-where is this Taco King you speak of? Have I been there and am now completely forgetting it?

And is it the same Taco King, by chance, who claims to sell the "original soft shell taco" every year at their State Fair booth near the Coliseum?

John Seavey said...

I don't recall where it is off-hand; keep in mind, my company processes work for banks all over the state, so it could be anywhere in Minnesota (or for that matter, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota or Iowa, but I know it was somewhere in MN.)

So the reason you might not have heard of it is that it's probably somewhere like Mankato or St. Cloud. :)

magidin said...

There is no such thing as "original whatever taco" in the US, no matter if it is Taco Bell, King, Prince, Queen, President-for-Life, or what have you. In fact, it should illegal to call them "taco" pronounced "tah-koh", they should be forced by law to call them tey-kohs.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I saw a cereal called "Gorilla Munch" in the organic section of the supermarket. Unfortunately, we saw it shortly after watching a nature show showing gorillas eating their own poop. Again, I don't think what we pictured in our heads was what the marketing people had in mind!