Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The "50 Things I Love About Comics" Meme

Saw this post up at Brad Bird's website, and I liked the thought of it, so without further ado, and in no particular order...

1) Reading 'V for Vendetta' at midnight on December 31st, 1999.
2) Ralph and Sue Dibny solving mysteries as a couple.
3) Carl Barks.
4) The Silver Age story where Superman gets in trouble with the IRS for never having paid taxes.
5) "Stupid stupid rat creatures!"
6) Spider-Man's black costume.
7) Calvin and Hobbes.
8) Flash #50, in its entirety. "You've lost the advantage of surprise!" "I've replaced it with something better. Fear."
9) Stan Lee.
10) Spider Jerusalem.
11) Ego the Living Planet hitting on Earth.
12) Steve Ditko.
13) "In loudest din, in hush profound, my ears catch evil's slightest sound..."
14) The fact that some of the people reading this just finished that variation of the Green Lantern oath.
15) The Far Side.
16) Captain America back in the 1960s, when he used to trash-talk his opponents. "My grandmother could see that punch coming!"
17) The Essentials and Showcase Presents programs from Marvel and DC, respectively, for allowing me to read just about every single classic story they ever produced.
18) Jack Kirby, for drawing and co-writing just about every single classic story Marvel and DC ever produced.
19) Watchmen.
20) "I owe you pissant white trash sons of bitches all the hurt in the motherfucking world. So who wants to get his ass kicked first?"
21) All of Stan Lee's goofy nicknames for the writers and artists. Stan "The Man" Lee, "Gentleman" Gene Colan, Jack "The King" Kirby, "Dandy" Don Heck...
22) "I can think of fourteen different ways to keep you from firing that gun. Six are painful."
23) The ending of 'DC One Million'.
24) "I'm Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. And these are my toasters."
25) Crisis on Infinite Earths.
26) 'The Anatomy Lesson'.
27) Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin' blue-eyed idol o' millions.
28) Bullpen Bulletins.
29) The Guardians of the Galaxy.
30) The story where Superman introduced Supergirl to the world.
31) Peter Parker in prison (in Web of Spider-Man #18), getting rid of a group of prison toughs by squeezing one of the struts of his bunk hard enough to leave fingerprints.
32) The Heckler.
33) Kurt Busiek's run on Thunderbolts, which single-handedly kept me from quitting comics one day.
34) Don Rosa.
35) Fred Hembeck.
36) Astro City, which has never had even a single bad issue.
37) MAD Magazine. (I could probably do a sub-listing of "50 Things I Love About MAD Magazine".)
38) The final issue of Marvel's 'Godzilla' comic, which featured the FF and the Avengers fighting Godzilla in New York City.
39) The Hobgoblin's true identity. Roger Stern is one of the quiet geniuses of comics today.
40) Spider-Man.
41) The final panel of Uncanny X-Men #132.
42) The first meeting of Power Man and Iron Fist, illustrated so wonderfully by John Byrne. "Mr. Cage...turn around."
43) Barry Ween.
44) Thor and Hulk's dialog back before Marvel writers got self-conscious about writing their dialog. "Hulk SMASH!"
45) MODOK.
46) Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan's run on 'Tomb of Dracula'.
47) The letter columns that were answered "in character" by different X-Men.
48) "Oh, my stars and garters..."
49) The Absolute Edition of the Sandman.
50) Writing a letter about an imaginary issue of an imaginary comic called 'The Tomorrow Syndicate', only to have it published in 1963 #6 and answered by Alan Moore with specific details about the characters I made up and the story I pretended existed.

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