Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hopefully Meaningless

I now have a Gmail account, and since it was glitching all the time when I used my old Blogger account to try to post to my Blogspot account now that Blogspot is owned by Google and Google runs Gmail and Gmail wants me to use my Gmail account to sign into Google's Blogspot...

Basically, it was all starting to seem a bit Doctor Seussy, so I added my Gmail version of me in as an author, gave him admin privileges, and then removed my old Blogspot self. If it all works right, nobody but me should ever notice any difference at all. If it doesn't, well...this post is here to tell you why some stranger is suddenly posting as me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One more reason to avoid Google and Gmail.

Does anyone remember back when Google lied to us and claimed they meant their motto "Do no evil"?

Take a look at this Collegehumor vid "Google will Blackmail You."

The only thing inaccurate at all about the vid is that Google is not "going" to blackmail us --

Google already does!

(an amusing coincidence: the Google machine just tried to ignore the anonymous option to force me to get a Gmail account in order to post this reply)