Thursday, May 07, 2009

An Ad You'd Never Want To See

Here at Pepsi, we've been very happy to find out that you all like new Pepsi Throwback just as much as we do. Replacing the corn syrup with pure cane sugar has been a major hit with lovers of Pepsi everywhere.

That's why we've decided to introduce a new product, Pepsi Throwup. That's right, we've replaced that corn syrup with pure ipecac syrup, for a rich, smooth, refreshing flavor that tastes just as good going down as it does coming back up. And best of all, Pepsi Throwup has no calories! In fact, if you drink it with a big meal, you might very well wind up getting thin quick. (Pepsi Throwup is not intended as a diet supplement.)

Pepsi Throwup. The taste so nice, you'll drink it twice.

And coming soon, Pepsi Flashback--with a full tab of LSD dissolved into every bottle!

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