Monday, September 14, 2009

The Seuss That Keeps On Giving, Marvel Vs. DC Edition

(or "Zzzax in Sacks")

When Mogo battles Ego, it's a Mogo-Ego battle.

And when Chemo fights Chemistro and they fight it out on Mogo, who is battling with Ego, it's a Chemo-Chemistro-Mogo-Ego battle.

And when Bibbo helps out Chemo and gets conked by Brother Voodoo while Chemistro's helping Ego who is getting beat by's a Bibbo-Voodoo-Mogo-'Mistro-Chemo-Ego battle.

And when Fin Fang Foom and Xemnu join the side of Brother Voodoo, but they're now opposed by Lobo, who in turn helps out Eclipso, 'cause he's been punched by Bizarro (who's mistaken him for Frodo) as they duke it out on Ego, who's in orbit around's a Xemnu-Voodoo-Lobo-Ego-Frodo-'Zarro-Chemo-Bibbo-'Mistro-Mogo-'Clipso-battle with Fin Fang Foom, too.

Now I say the battle's done sir, thank you for a lot of fun, sir.


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This man is a genius!

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