Thursday, August 12, 2010

500th Post!

I try not to make a whole lot of "milestone" posts, because somehow it feels like cheating--if every tenth post is, "Hey, wow, look, another ten posts!", then I'm really not earning those milestones quite so much, am I? But I like to think that the 500th post (which happens to fall right around the 5th anniversary of my decision to sit down and start blogging, give or take a week) is worth celebrating a little, in an egotistical sort of way.

So yes, I will toot my own horn a little and say, "Here's to me, for sticking with this as long as I have!" Thanks to every single person who read, especially those who commented, and I hope to do 500 more!


j$ said...

No blog-in-review? :)

Kal said...

Ah you youngsters and your milestones. I have ten times that number but I also felt bad at first that some of my posts were more like tumblr posts (just an image with a snarky comment) but since then I have come around and now I feel that ANY post adds to my numbers. All take effort and thought to add to my empire. Good luck on your next 500.