Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Question for the Internet Hive Mind

I've been thinking about leveraging my lack of fame to sell some geek-themed T-shirts, but everything I have heard (and, for that matter, experienced) about Cafe Press suggests that it actually kind of sucks for selling product. But I still want to do this; I have quirky sayings in my head that must be printed on fabric and sold to smart, pop-culture savvy sci-fi fans, dammit! So I figured I'd ask my readers about their experiences with online custom clothing, what they've seen for themselves and heard elsewhere. Is there a site you really like? Please, then, mention it in the comments section!

Oh, um, and obligatory controversial opinion, witty topical reference, strange and goofy pun. You know.


Anonymous said...

I'd go with - better merch overall.

Nathalie Hamidi said...

I like Cafepress, although for delivering overseas (I live in France) it is a bit lenghty and pricey. The quality is great though, and there's, in my opinion, enough choice for merchandise.

I tried zazzle, but didn't like it much, so I chose CafePress for my crazy designs.