Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazing Race Round-Up, 18-6

Okay, I lied. This is the kind of leg that must be hard for the editors to make look interesting.

On the one hand, I thought it was a very well-designed Road Block. It was a needle in a haystack challenge, but one that didn't rely purely on chance--the racers could, if they had paid attention back in China and remembered the taste, scent, and color of the tea they had drunk the previous day, solve it very quickly and easily (as Ron did. Yes, I know, Ron is not completely useless! We are all equally amazed here, including Christina.) But if they just swigged down the tea and ran for the plane, and they didn't remember what it tasted like, well...they were going to be drinking tea until they cried. Literally.

At that point, it really just came down to "Is this a NEL/double leg?" Because the Detour was not hard enough to give the last-place team a chance to catch up, and that meant that unless it was a NEL, Margie and Luke were screwed. And we found out that it wasn't a double leg pretty early on, and we haven't seen any plan NELs this season. So we spent a whole lot of time suspecting strongly that Margie and Luke were screwed.

At this point, I'm beginning to suspect that the final three will be Zev/Justin, Jet/Cord, and Gary/Mallory. All three have been running strong races leg after leg, and while it does take just one bad leg to put you out of the running (as with last season, where Gary/Mallory just got epically lost and washed out), they don't seem to be prone to that. Whereas everyone else has been kind of trying to come in "not last", it seems, which only works as a strategy for so long.

Next week, no Race, which means no Race recap. But in two weeks, more Race! And Zev apparently gets annoyed by loud noises. Oooh.


Unknown said...

I didn't think it was that much of a foregone conclusion, especially when the Globes had nearly as much trouble with the tea and botched the painting, giving Margie and Luke at least a ghost of a chance.

It did seem to me that the books was the way to go on that Detour, though.

Overall, I don't mind losing Margie & Luke. Better them than the Globes, as far as I'm concerned.

Michael Hoskin said...

This episode put the lie to your theory regarding which teams were safe from elimination based on their prominence in the promo - but as you noted, this was a challenge to the Amazing Editors because without Luke's meltdown what was there to hype about this episode? Jet can't count? Ron loves disco?

I'm genuinely impressed with how Margie & Luke ran the race this time, in that I didn't dislike them; they won back a few points with me for being less "villainous" this time.

It's worth noting the taxis seemed to play a HUGE role in rankings this time out, since it was apparently easier to reach the Pit Stop from the end of the books detour than the end of the painting detour, judging from how much time Zev/Justin & Jet/Cord made up. But the teams are packed together so tightly at the moment that I expect they'll all be neck-and-neck next episode.