Monday, January 02, 2012

Best Comedy Series on TV

Is anyone else watching "Finding Bigfoot"? Because this thing is either an absolute masterpiece of deadpan comedy on the level of This is Spinal Tap, or else it is one of the most perfect pieces of unintentional hilarity ever to be accidentally allowed on the airwaves. Right now, I am watching four grown men (well, three grown men and one grown woman) standing in the woods in the dark with a caged baboon, making loud screaming noises in an attempt to attract a "squatch". (The frequent use of "squatch" as a noun, an adjective, a verb, and an occasional interjection makes me wonder if I'm not watching an extremely strange version of "The Smurfs".)

And one of the cast explained that he was, and I quote, "fulfilling a lifelong dream" by taking a baboon out into the middle of the Catskills for the evening. I don't even know where to start with that, although it would probably be by researching New York's state laws on bestiality. This show is absolutely insane, in all the right ways. Oh, yes, and next week they're apparently going to be wandering through a Rhode Island forest with lighted torches. It's like watching a Darwin Award in progress.

Seriously, is this thing on Netflix or something?


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Michael Penkas said...

I just watched a marathon over the long weekend. The best parts are when they listen to eyewitness accounts that are so crazy that even a team of professional Bigfoot hunters find them hard to believe (like the woman claiming that Bigfoot chased her car). To be fair to the team, they do keep one skeptic on board who usually points out the more obvious, non-Bigfoot explanation.