Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Shocking Revelation

I can't imagine why I haven't seen this before.

He's an expert martial artist with a hidden backstory. He refuses to use guns, to the point of emptying the clip as soon as he takes one off a bad guy. He's determined to the point of seeming imperviousness to pain.

Eliot from 'Leverage' is Bruce Wayne in disguise.

Everything makes so much sense now.

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Unknown said...


Young Bruce Wayne during his walkabout, learning the ways of the master criminals from the inside while subtly channeling them towards good causes? I can buy that. Especially since "Eliot" has proven to be so omni-talented. Expert combatant? Check. Master horseman? Check. Race car driver? Check. Singer? Check.

About the only things he's not good at are the skills the rest of the team are world class at, which is exactly WHY he's hanging out with them in the first place, so he can learn their secrets.

Five gets you ten that WayneCorp now owns IYS Insurance, the insurance company that Nate used to work for...