Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Potpourri and an Apology

Mostly, this is one of those obnoxious "sorry there aren't more posts" posts--as I mentioned in my last post, there are new hires, which is significant in that it implies that there aren't enough people working here right now to handle the demand. So until the new hires are fully trained and able to help out, work is exhausting and not leaving me in much mood to blog at the end of the day. (Paradoxically, the new hires are making things worse, as we now have to dedicate people to train them, and if we had those people to spare, we wouldn't be doing hiring. Right now, we've got ten people doing the work of eighteen.)

But a quick potpourri of things I've been thinking/doing when I'm not utterly wiped--I'm enjoying the back half of Season Seven well enough, I guess, but I have to say that Moffat's non-Moffat episodes are worse than Davies' non-Davies episodes (of course, Davies had Moffat writing for him, and Moffat doesn't have Davies writing for him.) 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS' was a low point for me, though. It felt a bit like "What if the kid from 'Axe Cop' wrote a Doctor Who episode?" only without the charm of knowing that a five-year old did it all by himself.

I finished 'Into the Fire' in my B5 rewatch, and I'm amazed at how little energy I have to keep going now; some of that is that I have very little energy in general at the moment, see above, but given that I had very little enthusiasm for the bits of 'Return of the King' after Frodo destroyed the One Ring, I'm wondering if I'm not going to feel like the extended super-epilogue is a bit much here, too. On the other hand, the aftermath sub-plots were actually set up and foreshadowed (the Minbari, the humans, the Centauri, the Narn, and Psi-Corps all have so much stuff going on that I can see taking a season to wrap all that up), whereas the scouring of the Shire really felt like it came out of left-field.

Good on Jason Collins, although the Sports Illustrated blurb of "The Gay Athlete" made him sound like The Elephant Man. Maybe "A Gay Athlete", or even better yet "Jason Collins' Life As A Gay Athlete"? Oh, and the ESPN analyst who said he thought that it was sinful because "any sex outside of marriage is sinful"...first, better get cracking on those gay marriage laws, buddy! Second...um...how the heck do you have any friends in basketball? Or pro sports? Or broadcasting? Maybe he only hangs out with octegenarian broadcasters.

Hopefully, after this week, things will calm down a bit and I'll be able to resume a slightly less laggy blogging schedule. If not, I'll at least try to make the next post a little less Larry King-ish.

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