Saturday, June 08, 2013

Phonemes Are Important

I've been thinking lately that I should get into advertising. I think I'd be good at it--I'm clever, I have a gift for a turn of phrase, and I know how to make something sound exciting and interesting. I'm pitching some sample slogans for McDonald's McWrap--just say these out loud, and let me know how they sound to you.

The McWrap--it's McWrap-tacular!

Go ahead, take a McWrap!

Hungry for hot, fresh food? Try our steaming McWrap!

McDonald's--we put our McWrap in your mouth!

Got a big party? We've got a big pile of McWrap for you!

McWrap--you know you're full of it.

You'll never forget the taste of McWrap!

We've got McWrap in our kitchen!

Let us leave a McWrap on your table.

The new premium McWrap--the McWrappiest McWrap we ever McWrapped!


...what do you think? Am I in?

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