Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Find Myself Deeply Disappointed in the Film "Pinocchio's Revenge"

I had a weird idea for a horror movie starring Pinocchio, but before I shared it with you I figured I'd look up the character on Wikipedia because the idea is so obvious I feel like it must have been used before somewhere. I did see that there was a horror movie called "Pinocchio's Revenge", but it didn't have even a single scene where Pinocchio grabs someone and starts rapidly telling lies, impaling them on his sharpened nose.

Why even bother if you're not going to do that? Huh, movie?

(Also, if anyone can tell me if this idea has been done, I'd be very grateful. It feels familiar to me, but then again I was reasonably certain someone must have done the 'Scooby-Doo'/'V for Vendetta' mashup, and I appear to have come to that one first.)


LurkerWithout said...

Sounds like something from the Pinnochio: Vampire Hunter comic a few years ago...

Jason said...

It's been done in parodies

Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy


Scratchy: Now you be a good Pinitchy-o and don't lie

Pinitchy-O: I'll never hurt you.

Cue nose through the eye.

Anonymous said...

99ways2die says...

It sounds like an old wives tale actually. A doll get's found that was cursed and haunted by actually the same exact thing. Kid get's a doll as a gift in the tail, and it causes people to get self destructive, things start floating around and stabbing or bludgeoning them to death, they murder people around them everywhere this doll is around. The child that possess the doll starts to get aggressive every time she don't get some thing she wants and the doll does it's thing.

Stephen King actually worked with X-Files and made an episode based on that story, the child wanted some thing, the doll would say "Lets be friends" Then once the girl got more aggressive it would say "I wanna play" and things would start going crazy, Skully while on Vacation in Maine found herself solving the case and never even knew there was an X-File there. The towns people all thought it was witchcraft from the girls mother. Fox talked Skully through the wives tail as she was trying to say she wasn't getting involved because he knew better because the way she was explaining it over the phone and the fact he knew she couldn't resist, also it was a great5 time to get her to believe not everything was science and there was a paranormal.

The story it's self is really old though and the doll never actually communicates verbally admitting it's fault and promising never to do it again nor does it physically unplug some ones respirator by hand in either case but it seems they just wanted to add live action to the doll by using a child story, ripping off Child's play and adding an old wives tail thinking it would be cool and after reading Wiki myself It sounds like they failed.

I don't think I'll be adding it to my online fav's anytime soon.