Monday, October 27, 2014

Terrible, Terrible, Agonizingly Bad Joke of the Day

That's the last time I ever buy a homeopathic washing machine. Now every time I wash my clothes, they get dirtier.


magidin said...

Well, wouldn't you put in some incredibly diluted dirt into the washing machine, and then dilute that, and then dilute that, and so on, until you are just soaking your dirty clothes in water? Wouldn't clean them, but why would it make them dirtier?

John Seavey said...

Because the fundamental principle of homeopathy is that you increase the potency of a substance by diluting it. So every time I add more water to the machine, the dirt stains it worse even though there's less and less of it, until finally I've diluted it to the point where there's not a single particle of dirt remaining.

But the memory of the water is making my clothes filthy.