Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Contentious Statement of the Day

Now that Captain America and Iron Man have gone, the team currently being featured in 'New Avengers' is not actually the Avengers at all. It's the Defenders. In fact, it's a more authentically 'Defenders-esque' Defenders team than many actual Defenders line-ups over the years. The book's title should be changed to reflect this fact, and the upcoming battle between the 'New' and 'Mighty' Avengers should, in fact, be billed as "The Second Avengers/Defenders War".



Michael May said...

Damn. Hadn't thought about it that way, but I totally agree.

And I'd be 500% more likely to buy New Avengers if it were called Defenders.

Anonymous said...

You guys are both right.

Pointing out that it's actually the Defenders is a brilliant observation.

And while I'm already buying both books, I have to agree at least that I'd feel much less guilty about that fact if one of them were actually The Defenders. Or even The Champions (which I understand is coming soon, anyway).

You should've called this post "brilliant observation of the day," as I'm not sure anyone will actually find anything contentious about it.

Anonymous said...

I'll contend: it doesn't feel like The Defenders, it feels like just another arbitrary Marvel supergroup-of-the-day, so "Avengers" still fits better. Last thing I want to see is the Defenders name ruined, too!

Although, I admit, it wouldn't be the first time.

John Seavey said...

I just have to point out: In the issue of 'New Avengers' I read later that same day, Hawkeye met the team for the first time and said, "So who are you guys? The New Defenders?"

So even Bendis knows he's writing a Defenders book. :)

Anonymous said...

Except he doesn't know how to write a Defenders book!