Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Dream Is Dead

The Miami Dolphins have, for the first time all season, failed to lose a football game. They managed to take it to overtime, but unfortunately failed to allow Baltimore to score a field goal, and subsequently won on a touchdown of their own.

Seriously, why wouldn't you start playing for the losses at this point? Win a game, and you're just another bunch of 1-15 schmucks. At least there's a certain perverse glory in going 0-16. You might be bad, but at least you're legendarily bad.

Or, at the very least, wait until next week to win, and ruin the Patriots' season at the same time...


Anonymous said...

Brian pointed out that Miami has a ways to go to be "legendarily bad". The 76' Bucs went 0-14, BUT then went on to lose the 1st 12 games of the '77 season for a total of 26 consecutive losses.

Austin Gorton said...

How awesome would that have been, if they were winless going into the Pats game, then blew them away?

Oh well.

Still, maybe they'll beat New England anyway. Having your unbeaten streak blown by a team that has won only 1 game isn't much better than if the team hasn't won any games. Dare to dream, right?