Friday, December 07, 2007

So Good I Stole It

My room-mate, Tony, and I were discussing politics yesterday, and we got onto the subject of Mitt Romney and his difficult journey to the White House. We both agreed that his Mormonism was a stumbling-block to most Americans, but Tony provided the true reason we're not sure electing a Mormon is a good idea.

"We're all just worried that he's going to go on a diplomatic tour of Europe, and all of the other heads of state are going to pretend to not be home when he rings the doorbell."

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John said...

Oh, if only America would do the same.

What should be Romney's biggest stumbling block to getting elected is the fact that the biggest reason he chose NOW to run is that if he had stood for reelection here in Massachusetts, he would have lost and that wouldn't have been a very good way to seek the presidency. He pulled out early so as to NOT appear to be the failure here that he was. Romney will always be remembered as the one who ushered in the end of about two decades of Republican governorship in Massachusetts - quite a feat!

For all his poo pooing of Massachusetts, someone should point out to the man that this liberal commonwealth actually gave a Mormon a chance with much less fuss than the rest of the country!