Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zipping Off

Just a quick note to say that I'll be heading out to DragonCon tomorrow afternoon. There may or may not be a Thursday post, depending on the Net access situation at the con. Either way, normal service should resume by Tuesday of next week. (Which probably does mean a slight delay on the Storytelling Engines post, as I'll be in transit on Monday.)

If for some reason you're actually interested in meeting me at the con, I'll try (again, depending on Net access) to update this post with a list of where I'll be...but in general, assume that any kind of panel relating to Doctor Who, Firefly, or MST3K, there's at least a chance you'll bump into me.

And remember, if you plan to punch me for the 'How To Save Marvel Comics' entries, I just ask for a five-second head start.

1 comment:

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