Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breathless Anticipation

For those of you who are interested, rumor has it (spoilers for the upcoming season of Doctor Who, but ones that have already been reported extensively elsewhere) that the Silurians are going to be returning. (Yes, I know. It's not even "rumor" anymore, the BBC has confirmed it. Hush.) Having just watched "Warriors of the Deep", I'm absolutely thrilled to see these classic Doctor Who monsters return, and I'm certainly wondering if the new series will keep all the best elements of these classic monsters. To wit:

  • Will we see a return of the Sea Devils, and will they continue their proud warrior tradition of discussing all military matters using only ventriloquism?
  • Will the Myrka be back, and will it still be willing to use its stubby little arms for kung fu?
  • Will the Silurians keep their adorable sweater vests, or will they return to the nudist ways of the Third Doctor era?
  • Will the Silurians still blink their third eye rapidly in time with their conversation?
  • Do the Silurians still have that perky smile, even when things are at their worst? (The Myrka also seems to have a bit of a jaunty grin, too. I hope they'll retain that.)
And most importantly of all...

  • Will the Myrka have liposuction, or do Real Myrkas Have Curves?

1 comment:

chiasaur11 said...

You call those smiles?

Clearly, you have never played X-Com.

Chryssalids are the smiliest aliens ever. I mean, the Sea Devils? Kinda smiley.

Chryssalids? Ear to ear grins.