Thursday, July 07, 2011

What the Hey

I've been reading 'Chicks Dig Time Lords' and 'Whedonistas' lately, both from Mad Norwegian Press (what can I say, Mad Norwegian had an excellent presence at CONvergence last week)...and one of the things that it reminded me of is just how much fun it was to write fan-fiction. That sense of writing on the fly, with no grand plan, purely to see if people liked what you wrote...I realize I kind of missed that.

There's just one problem. I don't want to write other people's characters.

So starting on Monday, until I get sick of it or people beg me to stop, I'm going to try writing a fanfiction that doesn't use any established characters, set in my own universe. (Yes, I'm aware that this would just be "writing fiction". Hush. My brain seems to think there's a distinction, and if I can fool it into writing more, I'm going with it.) I'll write, and see what comes out. I know where I'm starting, at least...and you'll find out on Monday.


Tyler said...

So you're that John Seavey?

John Seavey said...

It kind of depends. If you mean "the John Seavey who raced in the Iditarod", then no. If you mean "the John Seavey who used to write in the Doctor Who round-robin fanfics back in the 90s", then yes. :)

j$ said...

My vote, since you asked for one, is that you do more MST3k Fan Fiction that riffs other fan fiction.