Friday, July 15, 2011

Utterly Shameless Plug, 2011 Edition

Naturally, it goes almost without saying that in addition to my general pop-culture savviness, I also happen to be an erudite scholar of the first order. As such, it should surprise virtually nobody that I am featured in an academic publication of the highest order, from the textbook publishers at University of Ottawa Press.

Called "Braaaiiinnnsss! From Academics to Zombies", and edited by Robert Smith? (the mathematician who made a media splash a while back by modeling the spread of a zombie virus mathematically), this textbook features a variety of academic essays on the truest and most vital topic of the age: the zombie apocalypse. Mine is but one of a veritable cornucopia of scholarly discussions on the zombie problem that faces the world today, a humble contribution on the epidemiology of the zombie plague.

The book is available at a variety of outlets, such as:


(or, for those of you who would prefer to read the essays in French, at:

and of course, Amazon has it at:

So remember, it's three a's, three i's, three n's, and three s's. "Braaaiiinnnsss"! Be very careful about asking for it by name.


Robert Smith? said...

Just a small clarification.

They didn't translate the book itself into French (yet!), but uOttawa is a bilingual university, so there's an advertising page in both English and French.

But, regardless, let me just plug John's essay, which is fabulous. It's so good I put it at the front of the collection!

- Robert Smith?

herbalwellspring said...

In my view every person ought to look at it.