Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Internet Points for the Day

A particularly sad Sad Puppy on File770 unironically stated the following:

It’s war, John; there aren’t any rules, only principles, and the only way to find even the approximate truth is by comparing the lies.

I read that statement. I actually read it a good two or three times, trying to imagine what kind of headspace it would have to have come from. I tried very hard to imagine being the kind of person--a veteran of military service, believe it or not--who could actually believe that war was waged through a series of increasingly outraged Internet blog posts, with a yearly smattering of casting ballots against the people who had committed the foul crime of being women and minorities. That this was not only a heroic action, but a significant and meaningful one. My response:

I want to frame this. Seriously, I want to frame it, light it up in neon, and take tours past it every half hour in perpetuity. “Yes,” the tour guide will say, “this is the smallest, pettiest, most unspeakably bitter and impotent statement ever uttered in support of an irrelevant, deranged and worthless cause. We have found it, and we have enshrined it here forever. Gaze upon it and know that whatever travails and trials and troubles might be present in your life, you have not been reduced to saying this on the Internet.”

I know, it's probably mean, but I want to keep it around if for no other reason than I think that sentence may provide people with comfort on bad days.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this was amidst a post-vomit by K***man?

John Seavey said...

You are an excellent guesser. :)