Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hi. My name is John Seavey, and I'm a freelance writer. I've done some RPG work for a few companies, I write things, but I've been very resistant to doing a blog because I have a fundamental belief that I'm a very boring person. This belief hasn't changed. My life is not interesting. I find blogging, as a phenomenon, weird. I can't understand how anyone thinks their own life is interesting enough to expect loads of other people to want to read about it all the time--and how they don't worry that people they're talking about in uncomplimentary terms might read it and get irate.

But I need to be writing. I need to get into the habit of writing again. I've not been into that habit for a few months now (for boring personal reasons), and I need to get back into it. So this is a blog where I'm not going to talk about myself, I'm not going to talk about other people, I'm just going to try to write a little something every day that I hope will be interesting, just to get back into the swing of writing. Just a little fragment. This blog is "fraggmented". (Because "fragged" was taken.)

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