Friday, September 02, 2005

For Something Positive's Kim

The ninja stood, alone, on the rooftop. His mind silently went through the kataguchi-o-nuri meditations designed to keep him in a constant state of catlike readiness, calm yet alert. He knew, though, that he would not need to maintain this pose for long. His foe would be here soon enough.

And indeed, within minutes, he felt rather than heard the approach of the ancient enemy of his clan--indeed, of all ninjas. The spider monkey had arrived.

The ninja drew his sword. The spider monkey unslung a deadly obachi-hikaru from his matted fur, and swung it in a slow, lazy circle. The ninja's eyes narrowed. Few knew how to properly utilize an obachi-hikaru, being hampered by the fact that such a thing was, in actuality, just a collection of random "Japanese-sounding" syllables. This spider monkey was truly a master of his craft.

The ninja stared at the spider monkey. The spider monkey stared at the ninja. The music swelled dramatically.

"This time," the ninja shouted as the two charged each other, "we fight until we are SLEEPY!"

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