Thursday, September 08, 2005

Apartment Search

(Just a fragment, don't have time for more, but may follow up later)

Janice took the young man up the steps to the door. "This is one of our two-bedrooms," she said, smiling politely at him as she took out the keys. She unlocked the door, and opened it with a flourish as she gestured into the foyer. "As you can see, it opens onto an en suite kitchen, and up the stairs, you'll find the bedrooms. I can--"

"It's perfect," he said, as he stepped through the doorway. "Just what I'm looking for. Cozy, affordable, zombie-proof...does it have a laundry hookup?"

"Why, yes, it..." Her brain finally caught up with his sentence. "Zombie-proof?"

"Yes. It's the stairs, you see. Zombies have real trouble with steps. And the door is nice and sturdy too, but I don't really expect them to make it up here, not with the ground-floor tenants so appetizing and accessible."

"Oh." She wasn't really sure how to follow that up.

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