Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Last Vampire Story Ever

Baron von Karkus advanced on the terrified young woman, baring his fangs as she backed into the corner. With a defiant gleam in her eye, she raised the cross that Father Moran had pressed upon her with his last breath, and thrust it out at him.

"Fool," he said, knocking it aside with a single powerful sweep of his arm. "Did Father Moran fail to tell you? That cross is a symbol of the Christian faith. It only has power for a Christian...and I can sense, you are not."

"It's not the symbol?" she squeaked out, her eyes fixed on his fangs as he slowly reached out at her, savoring the moment of terror. "It's the faith?"

"Precisely, my dear. And you will have an eternity by my side to--"

"Why didn't anyone say so?" There was an instant of pain for Baron von Karkus, an instant of shrieking agony he knew that every vampire, everywhere shared with him. "I'm a Unitarian."

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